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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Beginnings

Today is the beginning of a new Era. I am changing this blog for the better, to include the antics and capers of homeschooling with my darling 10 year old daughter, Faith. I decided to do this for several reasons: My boys have started CollegePlus, a study-at-home-for-the-CLEP-test-and-earn-college-credit program so they don't need as much attention from me. Also, Faith is so into the same messes that I am into, that I thought it would be amazing to teach her writing and journaling through this. Additionally, I am at the age that I forget the little joys, so I wanted to chronicle and share them. This is going to be an educational experience for me as well, since my computer knowledge consists of turning it on and asking my kids how to do something. However I am determined to learn how to attach pictures and do links, and really make this something to smile about. According to the study skills course that my boys are taking for the CollegePlus, I need to learn some new skills and challenge my 50 year old brain so it will make new nuro-connectors and help my memory. Yeah, right. I'm afraid I will just end up frustrated, but since I have someone counting on me, and my hope is not in my ability but in His, I persevere!
It is a great creative outlet, and I am sure that the joy of sharing the gifts God has given will be worth it. Hope you like it!

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