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Friday, May 4, 2012


LOAD2 by damazingmama
LOAD2, a photo by damazingmama on Flickr.

This is my version of todays prompt. It was "NO PHOTO". I think sometimes we forget that scrap booing started because people wanted to save their memorabilia so they could cherish important memories. So this is what I came up with. Heres what I wrote about it: "My mom was a sewist. She created beautiful things with fabric. But she was not a quilter or a "gourmet seamstress." She did what she had to do to make things work. She was self taught, out of necessity. And after my dad left, she took in sewing so I could have things she otherwise couldn't have afforded. Before she died, she wanted to use up her many scraps to make quilts for my 2 sisters and I. She had many blocks sewn, but not enough to make even one quilt- all random and using just things she had leftover. Last Christmas, I used most of those squares to make tote bags for all of us, and all the granddaughters and great grands. These two were leftovers. And the lace? What is on the left and the flower is leftover from my wedding dress, and the right is just stuff she ripped off of something she had owned once upon a time. The buttons and hooks are from her stash. the mini album tells this story. Oh, And her favorite color was purple, and she loved to use zig-zag stitch. She also loved sparkles and bling on her clothes. I think this is a fitting tribute to her."

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