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Monday, May 7, 2012


LOAD7 by damazingmama
LOAD7, a photo by damazingmama on Flickr.

Todays prompt was do a layout in 30 minutes or less. OUCH!! I am not too much of a rule follower, but I did manage to get both pages done in a little under 45 minutes! It was a little crazy and I did take a little too long fiddling with the arrangement of the photos and cropping them but it is done. When I heard the prompt I knew that I wanted to do a grid. Since I am working on an album of a single event, I wanted to stay within a color scheme, and I used purple circles in yesterday's LO, so I decided to stick with it here. I love this paper for a grid, because the lines are not perfectly straight. That keeps your eye fooled a bit and you don't notice the slight differences in the size of the photos. The pink is not as bright as it seems on the photo, and it is a nice contrast to the green and purple. I did not get the journaling done, but plan to tonight. I have a lot to say about this event, and I just need time to think and type it to get it just right. But I am happy to get this much done. And I like it. Not fancy, but done!

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